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SetherAuth allows you to customize user-fronting pages to meet the UI diversity requirements of businesses and brands.

1. Theme

Themes can be customized at the organization and application levels.

  1. Organization scope

    The theme for an organization can be customized by going to the Branding menu item under Organization Settings. This theme applies to Self-service pages and, as well entry pages: Signup, Login, Forgot password, etc.

  2. Application scope:

    The theme for an application can be customized on the application settings page, under the Theme tab. This theme applies only to the application's to entry pages: Login, Signup, Forgot password, etc.


The following options are available:

  • Use global theme / Follow organization theme : use the SetherAuth default theme / use the organization's theme
  • Customize theme :
    • Theme : choose on of the available themes: Default, Dark, Document, Blossom
    • Primary color : set the primary color of the theme used for buttons, borders, links etc.
    • Border radius : set the border radius used for buttons, input fields etc.
    • Is compact : decrease the font size and spacing to make things look more compact

2. Application-specific branding

Besides applying a theme, you can customize various aspects of application-specific entry pages: