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Manage Connections

SetherAuth can connect to various providers to offer third-party services for the platform. Currently, we support the following types of connections:

OAuth Connections

SetherAuth allows users to sign in through other OAuth applications. You can add GitHub, Google, QQ, and many other OAuth applications to SetherAuth. For more details, please refer to the OAuth section.

SMS Connections

SetherAuth sends SMS to users when they want to verify their phone numbers. SMS connections are used to send SMS in SetherAuth.

Email Connections

Email connections are similar to SMS connections.

Storage Connections

SetherAuth allows users to store files using the local file system or cloud OSS services.

Captcha Connections

SetherAuth supports configurable captcha in user flows. Currently, the supported captcha connections include Default Captcha, reCAPTCHA, hCaptcha, Alibaba Cloud Captcha, and Cloudflare Turnstile.

Web3 Connections

SetherAuth allows users to sign in through Web3 wallets like Metamask, Web3 Onboard etc.