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Regardless of the application type or the development technology, you can connect your application with SetherAuth and control the way users log in to your app.


Users can access all applications in an organization without logging in twice, using the Auto Login feature.

Single-page applications

Single-page applications(SPAs) are apps that run on the browser and do not require a page reload with a change in content.

The main advantage of a single-page application is its speed. Since content is dynamically updated as the user interacts with it, the user does not need to wait for page reloads. Users can experience a seamless flow with high responsiveness from the application.

JavaScript frameworks and libraries, such as React, Angular, Vue.js, are some popular technologies adopted to build SPAs.

Web applications

Web applications(web apps) are the most common type of applications in use. They are usually hosted on a web server and accessed by the browser. Web applications need authentication as they offer functionality dependent on the logged-in user.

Mobile applications

Mobile applications are apps that run on mobile devices. Android and iOS are some of the popular technologies adopted to build Mobile Applications.

Desktop applications

Desktop applications are apps that run on desktop computers. They are usually installed on the user's computer and do not require a browser to run. Desktop applications can be built using technologies like Electron, Java, etc.

Standard-based applications

Standard-based applications allow users to configure the application protocol settings (OIDC or SAML) from scratch.

Self-Service (My Account) portal

Application users can access the My Account portal for self-service needs. Learn more about the Self-Service portal.